The overall vision for the entomology department is to be “a leading source of high quality bee products in a tsetse-free environment.’’
The Entomology Department is therefore mandated “to provide leadership, technical support and guidance for the delivery of quality entomological services in the district for the control of vector and to promote productive entomology (sericulture and apiculture)”.
• To reduce tsetse flies to an epidemiologically safe level;
• To minimise losses associated with pests and vermin;
• To improve food security and increase household incomes through productive entomology.
Key Functions
• To control tsetse and other pests of animal health importance using environmentally friendly techniques;
• To train farmers in the control of both ticks and tsetse flies;
• To respond to incidents of pests and game in the district;
• To carry out extension work in apiculture and sericulture;
• To set up apiary and sericulture demonstration sites;
• To facilitate farmers’ access to equipment that ensures quality along the entire honey production value chain.